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2 for Birthdays!!!

Happy birthday, romeny and ladysnaps!!!

Here's some ElijahBlue reflected skies in Greenbelt Lake to brighten your day.

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Bagginess Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to Bilbo, Frodo, and especially, oft forgotten, early draft Bingo!!!

I went on a very Shire-like hike on Saturday morning in the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area in Howard County, and saw some things that should accompany the Bagginess on all their hikes.

Woods full of ferns and mosses gentle on the feet.

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Birthday Spam!!!

Happy Birthday, lbilover!!!!! I hope it is a wonderful one, my friend! I bring you turtles (various sliders and snappers) and wood ducks from Greenbelt Lake to help you celebrate. May your year be full of love and happiness.

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My bedroom ac is not working again. It just makes everything so much harder. I hate everything.

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Tuxie, Moo, and Fooder Update

Tuxie and his little shaved leg.


Tuxie is doing lots better. When he first came home after 3 nights at the emergency clinic 2 weeks ago, he was so full of love, he nuzzled me for hours--he's usually more of a rub against your legs or a short rub to your hand if he's liking being petted, but if he could have purred himself into my pores he would have, he wanted to be so close. He rubbed on Moo as if she was Saki, and got hisses to back off, then she came up and snuffled his face, so it was OK. He's since gotten back to his usual more self-contained sweet self.

The great thing is his neuropathy has reversed. He's walking totally on his toes and jumping into the bathroom window and on the sunroom cat tree like he hasn't in almost 2 years, which is wonderful to see. He's still looking interestedly at the kitty condo in the living room without jumping on it, so I don't know if his neuropathy is all the way better, but it's something. The vet lowered his insulin dose when I saw him the week before, and we'll see if it can be reduced further when we see the vet this week. I don't know if he's going into full remission, or just will be able to be on a small dose of insulin from now on--I'm sure hoping for remission. So the seizure may be due to having been able to get the carbs out of his diet a few weeks ago, but we can't know for sure without doing a brain MRI, which involves anesthesia, which I'm not willing to put him through, anytime soon at least. He's on an anti-seizure pill I give him twice a day for 3 months--he loves pill pockets, so it's easy.

I got a pet glucosemeter, lancets, and test strips, so if he ever has another seizure, I'll know if he is hypo- or hyperglycemic, and know whether he needs insulin or a sugar source, so I don't make the same mistake I made this time that made things worse. I got a lesson on using it at the vet, but I have some reading up to do on how to set it up still--bleh.

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From the Fair And Balanced Newsroom:

Hillary Clinton Refuses to Release Pictures of Urinating in a Public Fountain

Hillary Clinton has been proven to be a human being, although statements of this fact have not yet been released by her campaign. Furthermore, they have failed to disclose that she is subject to disease and aging, eats daily, how many times a day she uses the toilet, and exactly how many sheets of toilet paper she uses per bathroom visit. "I think Hillary probably doesn't use toilet paper. I haven't seen her use any." Donald Trump announced at a rally earlier today. Many speculate what she may be hiding about her toilet paper use, or lack thereof.

It has been noted that, unlike Donald Trump, she has 2 X chromosomes and is therefore frail, lies, and isn't very fun to listen to. "Her voice reminds me of my mother, my mother-in-law, my ex-wife, and my sixth grade reading teacher. For some reason, Donald Trump's voice doesn't affect me that way." Kenny Mipainonly, a Trump supporter in Fort Wayne, Indiana explains. "I just want Muslims and Mexicans thrown out of the country and have a beer with David Duke, and it deeply offends me to be called mean names like "racist" and "xenophobic" by some b***** for stating my opinion."

Donald Trump stated that it is very unfortunate that Hillary Clinton has 2 X chromosomes and he will reveal audits of his Y chromosome very soon. Furthermore, he is known to be inhuman, and therefore not subject to aging. When asked if he is subject to oxidation and rust, he said this is an advantage and makes him stronger and a better leader, as anyone can plainly see.

Because Hillary Clinton has been revealed by an FBI commission to be human, there is much speculation as to whether she will be replaced as a candidate for the presidency by Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, or anyone else attached to a white penis, and therefore harboring the possibility of immortality, as well as the hope to surpass the arc of Vladimir Putin's urine trajectory in a public fountain.

There is much speculation about this and we will continue to report every speculation as the utmost newsworthy item to report. We will continue to demand pictures of Hillary Clinton's lack of urinating in public fountains on a daily, even hourly basis to best serve our deserving public until such demands are met.

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Happy Birthday, Ink Gypsy!

A very happy birthday to [personal profile] ink_gypsy!!! May it be filled with purring hobbits and dancing cats--er, other way around, or maybe not.

Tuxie sends his best greetings from his window feeding perch.

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Happy Birthday, Benedict!!!

Ms. Moo aka Princess Holstein the Winsome (called Mooshka by her minion) would like to wish [personal profile] benedict a very happy birthday, provided it does not require her to get up out of her throne, getting up being quite tedious.

However, if dry kibble is provided at the birthday party, she will so grace it with her presence in a flash--just say the word . . . national boundaries are not a problem; oh no, they are not.

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Saki 's Coming and Going Day

Saki died 11 months ago tonight. Today would have been her 18th birthday, and 18th anniversary of her coming home with me from the PG County Shelter. She would have been old enough to vote in November. You bet she would have voted for Hillary.

Did she not look like a stuffed toy siamese cat in her middle years, especially?

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It is good to be home

I brought Tuxie home an hour ago. He is half on my lap licking his paws. He had a big dinner and ate just fine.

The doc told me this afternoon that he was not eating today--he had been eating fine previously, so this was a worrisome development. What she failed to mention is that last night they put the Cone of Shame on him because he had started worrying at his catheter site (worrying at it because he was feeling better and not doped up anymore). Doh! Yes, a big cone around your head can be a great inhibitor to eating wet food--who knew? The tech was hand feeding him some Temptations treats throughout the day just to make sure he had something--high carb dry treats--just what a diabetic cat needs to mess with his blood sugars . . . they meant well. I am so glad to have him home you have no idea.

So far so good, and we'll see how it goes with his meds and his body chemistry. I have great plans for the three of us to do lots of sleeping this weekend. I hope we can pull it off. (-:

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Like a cat looking out a window!

Tuxie can see!!!!! I just spent an hour loving him up, and the doc didn't know--she said he was still blind and didn't have a good prognosis on it when I spoke to her on the phone an hour earlier, but when I got there and got him in the visiting room, his pupils narrowed when he faced the window and he went to sit by the floor length window and his head moved with the cars going by and he clearly watched a man walking toward the clinic, and he looked me in the eyes several times, and negotiated walking by narrow chair legs like a pro. So if he can't see perfectly, he can well enough for HouseCat Purposes. Thank goodness!

I'm so relieved. He's definitely doing better, but I am leaving him the night because we have to see how his blood sugars do before I can bring him home and try to keep him seizure-free. Thank you for all the awesome support through another whopper of a trial. I love you all. *hugs*

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Tuxie update

Thank you for all your hugs and support. Yesterday was tough. Tuxie had more seizures yesterday morning after I left him and they were giving him valium, but once the seizures stopped, they started him on keppra in the afternoon and when I got to see him he was pretty doped up, but enjoyed catnip rubs and being petted asleep. They really weren't sure what was going on yet.

He hasn't had any more seizures and the doctor today thinks all of it is more likely blood sugar related than other brain issues, so she doesn't think the ultrasound is necessary (it's been a different doctor each day--that's how things roll at the emergency clinic). She says he is responding well now and they are starting him on his insulin at a lower dosage and we will see how he does. He could go home tonight, but it might be a better idea to keep him overnight--I'd rather have his blood sugar be monitored for 24 hours after starting his insulin again, frankly. I will go visit him this evening regardless. He is still blind--it could take days or weeks to return, or not at all.

I didn't get home until after 4 am Tuesday night, so I'm still exhausted and headachy and shaky today. I'm lucky to be teleworking at home.

Moo seems to be doing fine--I don't know what she thinks of Tuxie not being here. She ate more wet food this morning than she had been--a good ounce--only the one wet food so far seems to be acceptable among other flavors and brands I've tried. But she hasn't been eating much over 1 ounce a day, which I don't think is enough, so I'm giving her a little dry food at night again. I do not know if the removal of dry food changed Tuxie's balance or not, but it could have been the cause--it may be that he needs less insulin from now on if we get through this. He was eating more of his wet food, and has been eating well at the vets still. He will need to be on the keppra for 3 months. I hope to hear from our vet Dr C today and hope maybe he can shed more light on why Tuxie was having a low blood sugar seizure when I got home 14 hours after his last insulin dose before I dosed him. I wish I had gone home sooner. I am very tired.

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Good, Bad, and OK

I had a mammogram this morning and it went well with no abnormalities. So I had a great day off work celebrating, until I came home this evening to find Tuxie having a seizure in a corner. I worked with him a while (I did the right thing in giving him Karo syrup dabs, but the wrong thing in giving him his evening insulin dose--I am not well enough versed in diabetes care). I got him eating well and I thought we were out of the woods, but then he face planted in his food and had another seizure, so we are at the emergency clinic. They gave him some dextrose and got his blood glucose levels normal. He will be OK--I will probably need to leave him until tomorrow for monitoring--I'm waiting for the doctor to brief me. I am very glad he did not die on the way to this clinic like Saki did 11 months ago--when we got to the stop light and I saw him move I shouted with joy. It's going on 3 am so I canceled my 8 am dental cleaning. So tired. Not sure how much teleworking I will do tomorrow--glad I have some leave hours saved up. Oh, my poor little boy.

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Herons and Health

For the last 20+ years that I've been walking around Greenbelt Lake, more often than not there has been one Great Blue heron about. I think for many years it may have been the same one. A year or so back it wasn't around much, and since then we've had a smaller more rumpled looking one around. Now it's been joined by a Great Egret. A regular I see by the lake said he's seen 3 of the egrets, But so far I've only seen the one.

Great Egret (for some reason this pic isn't showing up on DW--link on the link to LJ below to see it)
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Tuxie Toes!!!

This post is dedicated to Tuxie Tinuviel Proudfoot's toes. We start with all four paws.

All the Tuxie toesies are strewn about haphazard-like in a quality nap.

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Greenbelt Critters

So I did go out to grocery shop yesterday, but since the water was almost too hot on Thursday night, I flaked on going to the pool this weekend. Not a lot done, but thank you so much to my friends who help me to not feel too bad about that.

Here's some critters I've seen by the lake over the past month for you:

I believe that is an American Painted Lady butterfly.

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What it is Update

I'm feeling lonely and unmotivated even though I have so much to do. All I really want to do these days when home is to sit and read novels beside purring cats. I don't give myself enough permission to just do that. Tuxie is sleeping next to me--he's gotten to be my constant snoozy lefthand fuzzy attachment whenever I sit the past year since Saki died, and I am lucky to have him and appreciate what good company he is. He and Moo are very good and easy companions. Except I worry because they sleep too much even for cats and I worry if I should be doing more to try to get them a little more active. It's been a couple of years since either climbed the cat trees at all and they jump up on very little. But my perceptions of how active cats should be may be skewed by having grown up with siamese cats who tend to be a little more active, and these guys are 10 and 11 years old. Do ya'll worry about your pet parenting? Gotta learn to let go of what I can't control and solve (snoozy cats gonna snooze), and be easy on me and give me some love.

I cancelled going to a scifi meet up luncheon in DC this afternoon due to the excessive heat today and expensive parking. And I have so much clean up to do around the house--the more I get done the happier I will feel so I'm going to concentrate on that. One pile at a time. Go through papers. Throw things out--make my habitat something I can feel good in--and when I accomplish that, get back to making and studying and creating. I feel so boring.

July and August so far have been mega-hot, which is extra hard because of the anti-cancer med I'm on and will be for 2 more years, then I hope will be better--yes. And it's been a time filled with Trumphobia, which has felt like the nightmare where you are running but are getting slower and slower as if you're going through molasses and IT's getting closer--I know so many of us are sharing the same nightmare feeling. But that has been easing up the past weeks with the polls. Nate Silver's blog is my Happy Place. It's been a tough month on so many of my friends.

I can't wait until late September when walks will become a joy again. Just a couple more weeks. Spring and autumn, those are my seasons.

I had the yearly thyroid ultrasound on Thursday, and will see the endocrinologist in 2 weeks with hopes that my thyroid nodules have not grown. We've been monitoring this for 2 years and so far so good. Doctors visits make me nervous since the breast precancer diagnosis--I hope I can go back to them being routine sooner than later. My spirits are more down than up, but this is a year of grief and recovery from health problems, trauma, and family losses. Next year will be better, right?

I saw my first monarch butterfly of the season yesterday by the lake. I went back last night and looked up my Verid entries. Remember Verid the monarch and the adventures she took me on? If you didn't know me in 2012, you might like these pics and stories. I still have good caterpillar and chrysalis pics of her I never uploaded. I will have to download them from the back up drive sometime and post.

I listen to NPR radio a lot. The weekend NPR shows that used to delight or interest me make me more often anxious the last couple of years. Is it me (a glass of water makes you anxious, child), or the stories they are telling? Anyone else having this problem? Will talk about the couple of movies and books I've enjoyed lately in another post.

OK, off to get Things Done. I hope this weekend is treating you all well. *hugs my flist*

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A birthday with our Olympic team . . .

Moo and Tuxie planned to do a little dance for your birthday, febobe, but as you can see . . .

. . . they are very, very busy cats. It takes a lot of work and dedication to prepare to win the only feline Olympic sport and they are working very hard at their form here. They hope to bring back the gold in the synchronized team division.

Happy Birthday, dear febobe!!! May you have a gold medal birthday with fun, yummies, and love today with your folks!!! (((((You)))))

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Vintage Saki (with bonus Milli)

I've scanned in a few more pics of young Saki. Ten months without her. So very missed.

Saki was a wide-eyed girl. She totally had a koala bear nose until her face blended more in her last years, increasing her beauty. I loved how her paws had a shimmery frosted white outline and varied between cool gray and warm brown--so lovely. Less poetically I'd sometimes describe her basic point color as dryer lint. Her peachy-orange patches got a little more vivid in her last years.

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First off, here's the green heron pic I promised lbilover. I took this pic at the swampy entry pond by the lake the other week. It's such a different looking bird when its neck is all tucked in.

It's way too hot this weekend to be walking around the lake, maybe too hot to go to the gym to swim. So I saw Ghostbusters yesterday--it was a fun piece of fluff.  Seeing a group of women working together in a zany way without being objectified was much more important than it felt to me while viewing it. The feeling was an "of course, no big deal that women are people."  The big deal was the hunger I felt all these years for the depictions that should have been there all along. Once it’s set right, it’s just normal and to be taken for granted. 

This is why it's hard for leftists, liberals, and progressives to generate enthusiasm.  It's hard to celebrate something that should be taken for granted because it is so obviously the right way things should go according to values based on the notion of equality. That is the challenge--it only becomes visceral in comparison to the past--it's a two step process to re-ignite the enthusiasm that got burned up getting to that point.  It involves reflection, not just immediate feeling.

Backlash is fueled by the visceral excitement of tearing down, while projecting the feeling of fighting back. It generates its own enthusiasm--we have our work cut out for us in pushing back against it.

I hope the Dem's can put on an inspiring convention this week. I hope it is made clear how much more progressive Sanders has made HRC’s platform—that isn’t lost with the choice of a more moderate VP—and one of the only choices whom removing from Congress would not lose a seat to the Republicans; Virginia has a Democratic governor who will designate a Democratic replacement. And it’s not lost by the revealing of the bullshit the party partisans plotting against Sanders had to say, as if we didn't know this already. Like Obama, the HRC/Kaine ticket is still to the left of where Bill Clinton and Gore stood—not a lot, but I’ll take it—it’s progress I am happy to get after years of Reagan and Bushes and in the scary face of what the Republicans are fielding now. Throwing into the mix the first woman president is not a consolation prize and not a Thatcher/May pyrrhic non-victory—HRC is far better than them and on the moderate left and will continue the hard won progress Obama achieved, more so if we can move the court and Congress left, which, unfortunately, would have been harder to achieve if she removed Warren from the senate to be her VP.

Untrustworthiness is a misogynist meme, maybe the most ancient woman hating meme, being used against HRC to dampen our enthusiasm for her. “Lock her up” shares the cadence of “Burn the witch.” It’s just as violent rhetoric, and as repellent and dishonest as appropriating Michelle Obama’s words and saying it is no big deal, while bashing everything she stands for. Notice the Republicans made sure women were responsible for that oh so unimportant lie they perpetuated--you can't accuse Melania or her speechwriter of plagiarizing, as they were set up to do, without furthering the "women lie" meme. I don't know if they were clever enough to stick them with it deliberately, but they are clever enough to make hay with its results.

The thing that HRC can’t say about the email issue is that we have a long way to go to making government email secure because no one can keep up with the hacking of the changing technology at this time and government systems are large and, therefore, harder to secure. Look at the big OPM breach of personal data this last year. In light of this, and with security on the internet being an ongoing problem for everyone everywhere piecing it together as best we can, the email issue is such a non-issue. And I would not be surprised if HRC’s private server was more secure than the government servers could be made at the time and kept vital information more secure. However, she can’t say this without giving the Republicans more fuel to put down government, the only imperfect instrument we have to defend us against corporations (such as arms manufacturers) through regulation and to put our money to use for services to benefit everyone, including those corporations, but only if we vote.

It's still up to each of us to inspire ourselves and push forward and believe we deserve a better government than the sad vision the Republicans presented last week. We must do this. Go Democrats for a great week!

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Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday to dear mews1945!!! I hope today is filled with love and all good things and that you feel a little stronger each day. Here are some pretties and fuzzies from around Greenbelt Lake, and thereabouts for you.

A sweet william in all their variety of colors that was blooming in May by the lake.

A deer in the woods behind my apartment building who was very fascinated by my talking to him in baby talk--so many critters seem to just love that.

A squirrel by the lake feasting at a lakeside house's yard where they put out bird seed.

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One of those anniversaries and world rant

My mom died one year ago tonight. I think she did well to go then and not now--I do not think she would have liked experiencing this past year of the world. A year ago, Trump was still a joke candidate, and a total long shot. And yesterday, not to mention the past month, would have been a terrible send off for her. So it was a mercy.

More massacres. And Republicans running around without their masks on anymore. It is backlash culture--the masks off are the last ditch effort, and hopefully, November will prove that more people in the US are moving onward from there, but it's so not a sure thing that the spawn of the Koch Brothers won't prevail. I hope we can rally and get out the Democratic vote--and I hope Sanders' movement keeps momentum for pushing all branches of government to the left--if it fizzles then nothing will have been salvaged of this year.

It's unconscionable that the President has not been allowed to nominate a Supreme Court justice and I can't blame Ginsberg for losing her cool in light of this hijacking of our government by Republican thugs set on destroying our nation--she must be so demoralized by that empty seat that at the very least should have been under debate several times over by now, and the media has just buried the issue under.

My mom and I shared political views and, with all our personal differences, I rant to honor her. But today I am just really sad.

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Black Men Killed by Police

The killing of the five police officers in Dallas was horrible. The killing of the two black men two days in a row by police officers was also horrible, an everyday horror for black people, only now getting the focus it should have gotten for decades due to the spread of ready video technology, and I don't want the focus shifted from that ongoing injustice by the Dallas killings.

Over 500 people have been killed by police in this country this past year and almost half have been black and (with overlap) hispanic people. I am glad protests are still ongoing and thank the bravery of the people getting out there in the streets in peaceful protest.

For those of us who can't get out there for various reasons, here's at least a petition to sign from an established organization seeking justice for Philando and Alton

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More Vintage Saki

I scanned in a few more "Saki: The Early Days" pre-digital pics tonight, when she was just a tiny noodle. I sure miss that little girl. Sweet Tuxie, who loved his Saki (albeit often in a dysfunctional way), spent several minutes this evening staring at the foot rest where Saki often slept like he was seeing her there. Makes one wonder.

Making herself pretzel comfortable. Who needs yoga pants? Not Saki.

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Happy Birthday, Dreamflower!

A very happy birthday to [profile] dreamflower02!!! I hope it is full of hobbity goodness!!! Enjoy!

These are sweet williams and daisies by Greenbelt Lake that were blooming tin May.

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Time for June to be over already

And for today's life prank, I woke up with no running hot water. The water heater system for the entire building failed and they hope it will be fixed tomorrow. I'm not one who can brave a completely cold shower, so the month of a thousand paper cuts continues . . . I am so ready for June to end. Oy.

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Existential Dread Salute

OK, now I'm just being existentially trolled. Yesterday, when I was putting the sun room back in order, I noticed my finger was feeling stiff, and saw it was swollen and purple and red. I don't recall hitting it or bending it wrong. The stiffness went away in short order, and it never hurt, but it's still purple and red now.

It is, of course, my middle finger. Very cute existential demons, very cute--laugh away.

I expect it is just a burst blood vessel--what I googled doesn't seem at all alarming. So I'm not going to worry about it unless it starts hurting, turns green, starts singing "Daisy", or doesn't resolve in a couple of days. Anyone else have this happen?

Weird. And just . . . enough already, OK? O_o

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Kvetching, Vigil, Films, Books, and Hike


A lot of annoying times for me these past 3 weeks, in addition to the upsetting world angst. Nothing life shattering for me--I'm just bent out of shape like it was--shape up self! Car repairs that took 2 days and resulted in having to replace the radiator and fan assembly. At the same time, I had a maintenance person in for 2 days working on the drip that had become a stream from my bathtub faucet and had to keep calling on him when the first days work resulted in not all the water going up to the shower head when switched, until he came up with a makeshift solution, which I hope holds.

Then the next week my bedroom ac stopped working. That took a week and a lot of calling, waiting for contractors who did not show up, hot nights, then the maintenance man making my sunroom into a mess when he brought in a portable ac. It was finally fixed Tuesday.

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A Long Expected Long Moot Report

It has been a long couple of weeks of home and car repair stressors. But I’m finally taking some time to finish my moot write up that I started a couple of weeks ago now. I was a bit absent here in the spring focusing on moot prep, and since it focusing on household stuff that got pushed aside and not so good with keeping up with posts and comments here. I’m working my way back.

So we had this moot Memorial Day weekend. (-:


The moot started a couple of hours later than planned—Friday morning I heard from poor hildigard_brown that her flight out of Austin was cancelled and she was rebooked for Saturday afternoon. I was sad not to meet her that morning and for the time she would miss out on, but I took the time to relax, take a walk before the day got too hot, and then drive up to the bus station in Baltimore to pick up aliensouldream and gabi_fics (from Manchester, UK via NJ, down to DC and back up to Baltimore) getting there just as their bus got in half past noon, and there were their smiling faces and it was a happy reunion! The two of them bought so much happy cheer to be here and with all of us that was infectious.

From Baltimore we went to the hobbity Le Madeleines in Columbia for lunch and happy chatter. Claudia, you remember Le Madeleine’s, right? Actually we talked a lot about politics and I learned some things about Brexit and Rupert Murdock’s machinations thereat (crossing my fingers about the vote today.) A wonderful start to the moot. Then I dropped them at the Greenbelt Marriott to check in, while I went back up to BWI to pick up shirebound in from San Diego and lovethosehobbit from Salt Lake City and collected my lovely hugs with our reunion and brought them back to the Marriott to check in. lovethosehobbit brought really cute Gandalf & Frodo silhouette bumper stickers for all of us. I need to clean a spot on my car for mine.

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So much to post. But I have somewhere luxurious to be and it's called BED. Oh bed! And I will get up when I damned well please. A good night to you all. <3

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