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Sunday, January 18th, 2015
1:14 pm - Good President
I'm so glad that in his state of the union speech on Tuesday President Obama is going to be calling for raising taxes on the wealthy and increasing leave time to better the conditions of US workers, so we can tend to more than just our jobs. I'm still grateful for his part in getting rid of pre-existing condition exclusions for health care and setting up my nation's baby steps toward universal healthcare. Of course it's messy as hell--having no health insurance when you're sick is so much more messy and fatal. This was a momentous accomplishment that has made so many lives better in the US.

Sure, I disagree with many of his choices and policies--his failure to revoke bank execs giving themselves bonuses during the banking crisis, embracing of the Patriot Act that infringes too far on civil liberties in the name of security and his use of drones, and toleration of Guantanamo.

I don't know enough to say he shouldn't have bailed the banks, because the rebounding of the economy may owe some of its source to this. He could do more to address climate change and supporting alternative energies, but he's done some good in that direction. He's done some good for indigenous peoples and immigrants. He has slowed the damage done our nation by years of Reagan and Bushes, and now he's working to reverse the Bush tax cuts. That would give us a better chance of keeping bridges, overpasses, and buildings from collapsing and killing more people than terrorism will ever accomplish, pull more women raising children out of poverty, and give more kids who might create something that makes a difference a chance at an education.

And he's done all this while even the liberal press has declared his unpopularity. They cry he is so unpopular when he has only 40% approval. But in a nation when far less of that public even bothers to vote, that is actually a sign of vast approval.

He's been the best president in my life time. I hated the whole hope and change garbage of his first campaign, but he accomplished much more than I expected, and for that I'm grateful. If we can do as well with our next president and not go backwards, better times could be ahead.

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Saturday, January 17th, 2015
12:04 pm - A "Bonus" birthday Ringbearer & Mermaids. . .
A very belated bonus birthday spam for my dear friend [personal profile] claudia603:

I will take it! I will take the ring to Mordor . . .


. . . though I do not know the way . . .

. . . to the litter box. Saki just has that determined but anxious look there, don't she?

And some mermaids and Frood (decoupage by [personal profile] lbilover) for you. These are 2 beloved books of my childhood, more for the pics than the narratives themselves, really. I knew and loved the collection on the left that was in my grade school library, and my mom hunted down this copy for me when it was no longer in print--a really lovely gift.


You will notice that the pics were take on your birthday. So maybe instead of thinking of this as a belated wish, here's wishing you a bonus birthday celebration from the Bonus Birthday Fairy! :-D

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2015
9:26 pm - JRRT's Birthday
Happy Birthday to the Professor!!!

JRRT Birthday 2010 3

I'm sorry I'm falling behind on commenting on so many posts because ya'll are posting so much lately--it's glorious, actually! I can deal with this kind of guilt. Keep it up! :-D

Addendum: A new translation of the Red Book of Westmarch? This is good. Thanks to [personal profile] mererid for the link.

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Friday, January 2nd, 2015
10:21 pm - A birthday . . .
Happy Birthday, dear browngirl!!! I hope it's been a good day and that you have a wonderful birthday weekend!

Here's a beautiful hibiscus bloom for your beautiful hair:


This was from Sept 2013 when I was working in downtown Baltimore. The planters around the Inner Harbor were filled with riotous blooms.

More studies of 2 hibiscus flowers . . .Collapse )

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Thursday, January 1st, 2015
9:24 pm - Welcome 2015!
Happy New Year, my friends!!!


Today, I started the new year off right and went on a day hike with an lgbt hiking group from Riverbend Park, VA down to Great Falls on the Potomac River, pictured above. So beautiful. It was 5 or 6 miles and my knee is feeling it, but it was a beautiful day for it. I've been wanting to go on a hike with this group for a while, but they're usually longer and more challenging than I can yet handle. This was about my limit for now. There was a slight ocean scent on the breeze off the river--I never made it to the beach last year, so that was a very welcome scent.

Last night, I went over to [personal profile] synecdochic and [personal profile] sarah's party. We watched a vid of Into the Woods with Bernadette Peters, ate the wonderful foods, including buttery choco chip cookies they made, I met the famous Ginnycat,, and had a really wonderful time, but left before midnight, because I was up at 5:30 am.

So I've been more social this new year's than I've been in many months. I'm very glad I got out last night and today. This has been fun. Much cleaning, chores, and finishing of getting cards out the next 3 days. Of course, there will be walks, a swim, much cat hugging, and perhaps another BoFA viewing, if I can fit it in. Then the first day of my new job on Monday.

I am surrounded by snoring cats, and the sleep waves are heavy in the air . . .

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
7:58 pm - Happy Lights!
Here's last evening's 8th day menorah rainbow:


I had a lovely day day off with swimming lots, eating lotsa pizza, playing with lotsa icons, lotsa petting cats, and addressing lotsa cards. Tomorrow I go see the BoFA movie with lotsa frame rates and Ds, hopefully. (-:

More lights . . . Collapse )

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014
9:46 pm - Happy Chobbitka!!!
Chanukah Chobbits Shamash Candle 12-09

Happy Last Day of Chanuka with some chobbits!

I'm off work for the next 5 days--wheee!!!

Happy Solstice, Merry Xmas, Joyous Kwaanza, and Happy New Year, or, as Ny says, Happy Everything!!!

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Monday, December 8th, 2014
9:02 pm
Happy Birthday, [personal profile] baranduin!!!

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Sunday, November 30th, 2014
1:34 pm - Holiday cards
I have lots of pretty holiday cards to send and I'm hoping to get them all out this year, starting with my overseas friends. If I sent you a card last year and you haven't moved since, then you're on the list.

If I haven't sent you one and you would like one, I would love to send you one, dear flist friend. I'm screening replies here if you'd like to leave your mailing address in a comment here. If you'd be more comfortable leaving it in my message box, feel free.

If you'd prefer cute animals, or a pretty scene, or a combo if possible, or silly, or prefer a Chanuka card, or explicitly Christmas or bust, or another hopeful requirement (I won't get bent out of shape if I can't fill it, but it would be fun to know for next year's card planning) lemme know, and I will try to accommodate. I do have a bunch of boxes of cards and I like trying to send you the right one.

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Thursday, November 20th, 2014
8:13 pm - Birthday Greetings . . .
Happy Birthday, cali_se! I hope it's been a beautiful and magical day!


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Monday, November 10th, 2014
9:16 pm
A very happy birthday to lovethosehobbit from autumn at Greenbelt Lake.


I hope you have a lovely day to herald a lovely year, bb!!! It's time! *hugs*

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Saturday, October 25th, 2014
10:25 pm - Sending up a Flare
I'm going to catch up with everything outside of work the last couple of months in this entry. I'll save work stuff for another entry. So, outside of work, besides adjusting to the new work schedule, with my new normal of body maintenance tasks, the last 2 months have brought more challenges, which is why I've been so scarce here. I've really missed sharing stuff with ya'll, but I'm working hard on trying to get enough sleep to keep me healthy and I just keep running out of time each evening.


Tuxie was losing weight this summer and he needed to, but it was faster than his diet could probably account for, and I was worried about him. He was diagnosed with diabetes the end of August, so along with Saki's usual maintenance runs, I've been at the vets more weekends than not the last 2 months. He is doing well now on the insulin and diabetes diet food. It was very hard in the beginning because I was terrified of sticking him with the needle, and our practice session at the vets was rough on him, but it's easy on both of us now. He is doing really well, has gained back some weight, and looks filled out again. In fact, he seems to enjoy the whole needle ritual--he's just that kind of boy. I give him a sprig of catnip with it, so that helps. He is mostly liking the special diet food, and with any luck we might get him into remission in the coming months.

More whinging and stuff yonder . . .Collapse )

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Monday, October 13th, 2014
8:50 pm - Fly by . . .
And the 3 day weekend is coming to a close, and I've run out of time to really update yet again, and so many chores still undone. Meh. Will keep trying to find time. I'm stressed, but I'm OK.

Anyway, hello! *hugs* How are you?

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Sunday, September 28th, 2014
9:33 pm - Birthday!
Happy Birthday, [personal profile] claudia603!!!!

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Monday, September 22nd, 2014
8:43 pm - Happy Bagginses' Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Bilbo, Frodo, and Bingo! And cake to all who love them!

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Friday, September 19th, 2014
9:20 pm - Arrrrrrr!
Ye best not forget what day tis is, mateys . . .


. . . or ye be walking the plank in wooden undershorts like this pair yonder . . .


Then you'll be having an intimate understanding of the true origins of the most hallowed saying, "Shiver me timbers," as the most wise [personal profile] grey_wonderer reminds us.

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Friday, September 12th, 2014
9:14 pm - Sweet Sixteen
I'm sorry to be late, but very happy belated birthday wishes to [personal profile] benedict and [personal profile] ink_gypsy! I hope you had great days.

I wasn't able to throw a kitty party to celebrate Saki's 16th last Thursday until Saturday. But it was a good time, as you can see here:

The birthday paw! You can see Herself surveying her birthday spread. A cupcake and cold cuts all garnished with copious amounts of catnip. For some reason, Saki and Tuxie go wilder over cold cuts than freshly cooked meats, and even Moo, who will touch no fresh meats or cat food except for her One Kibble, partakes of the cold cuts--go figure. So yeah, they had a proper little luncheon party spread.

She's 16, she's beautiful, and I'm hers . . .Collapse )

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Thursday, September 4th, 2014
9:06 pm - Saki Day!
A big Happy Birthday shout out to dear [personal profile] ladyjax, who cunningly shares her birthday with Saki, for extra purrs and fuzzy head rubs!

Today is Saki's 16th birthday, the 15th anniversary of when I brought her home from the shelter as a little one year old (if that) kitty with the sneezes. We haven't had time for a kitty party today, so hopefully we'll do that this weekend.

Have a Tai Chi Saki! A Chinese Taoist symbol by a Siamese cat with a Japanese name (Murasaki), just to culture jump around. Here she is exemplifying the "If I fits, I sits" lifestyle choice.

Today, we start hoping on 17.

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Friday, August 29th, 2014
10:03 pm - Namarie . . .
My friend [personal profile] delux_vivens has died. She made the world a better place.

I never met her, but we IMed quite a bit over the last few years. She should have had more time. She shouldn't be gone.


American lotus was her flower, but water lilies are close. Daisies, and black-eyed susans especially remind me of her beautiful beadwork.

Some pics for you, bb. One last time.Collapse )

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Monday, August 25th, 2014
8:41 pm - Birthday Beginning . . .
A very happy birthday to my friend[personal profile] saraqael!!! You've been busy as a bee getting your home ready for market, and may this mark the beginning of a time in which you get to soar and flutter where you will in peace and joy.

Tiger swallowtail and bee snacking on butterfly weed by the lake.


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