Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

A Birthday, Hobbits, Mushrooms, and Camellias

A very happy birthday to the very sweet and fun frolijah_fan_54!!! I hope this year gives you more time to enjoy more leisurely mornings with hot chocolate and all the good things. This wish comes with hobbits and spring flowers.

Bingo & Sam with Mushroom's in Mary's garden 4-1-2011

The friend I stayed with in Chapel Hill has a lovely garden with many fun things among the flowers, as Bingo and Sam found when they took a stroll outside. Sam was very appreciative of the sensibilities of anyone who could put such a fine statue of mushrooms in their garden, for what could be finer than mushrooms? Bingo is about to tell him.

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Tags: b/s, birthday, flowers, hobbit dolls, nc
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