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Maryland and DC Area Peeps FotR EE Moot

Happy Froday!

OK now, Maryland Area Hobbit Posse,

I wanna make sure I get my ticket for the

FotR EE on Tuesday, June 14th at 7 pm

by this Monday. I think L. is going to join me. The ticket prices seem to have been standardized at all the theaters at $12.50 per show including the Fandango charge. Who is with me? It's showing in a number of theaters in the area. My suggestion is the Snowden Square Theater in Columbia, MD because Columbia is central for DC and Baltimore peeps, and that theater is lots easier to park at and get close to the theater than the one at Columbia Mall that is also showing the EE's. If you have a preference for another theater in the area please say so now.

Who else also wants to get their tickets for

TTT EE Tuesday 21st at 7 pm
RotK EE Tuesday 28th at 7 pm

Let's see if we can get that all settled in this thread.

Also it's mountain laurel blooming time:

Mountain Laurel at Greenbelt Lake, early bloomer 5-2011

This is an early blooming one last week here at Greenbelt Lake. More are blooming this year around the lake than I've seen before. But the really spectacular place to see mountain laurels bloom is down at Calvert Cliffs State Park in southern MD, which is just covered in them. They should be just about peaking now, and I'm planning to drive down there sometime this coming week between tomorrow and Memorial Day. Is anyone interested in coming with me (and sharing in gas expenses if you can), and we could decide on which day would be good? Cali and I went on this weekend last year and it was gorgeous, and it should be even prettier this year. What say you?

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