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Ride of the Rohirrim: Immune System Edition

I've been down with a cold the past week--sore spotty throat, congestion, and tiredness, though I think it was incubating for at least a week beforehand. Then my immune system decided to launch a lightning strike on the micro-aggressors and lifted my temperature almost 5 degrees F--from 97.8 to 102.2--in a little more than the space of a half hour early last evening--thanks guys for the fun ride!

I had taken my temp before I ran a couple of errands, and then started feeling chills as I drove home, which became dizziness as I was parking and trying to get in my groceries. My temp went down over the course of the evening with some aspirin, and down to my usual sub-standard norm of 96.0 this afternoon--my body does not believe in burning more calories than it absolutely has to. I feel better today except for tiredness and my lungs trying to figure out what to do with all the phlegm that got dumped in them last evening. I'm hoping mucinex and vitamins will take care of that in the next couple of days. When I first went to bed with the fever last evening, Saki came up and held my hand between her paws and laid her head on top, and purred me to sleep, so I do have a good nurse watching over me.

So I've been sleeping a lot and am more behind on commenting than even usual and hope to get to them soon--please bear with me, dear flisties. I did make it to the TTT and RotK EE showings, and enjoyed them, though the last is a bit long when you're not feeling well. And meh, I'm missing some pretty days. But the nice part of being unemployed is I can stay home and sleep this off entirely, instead of having to trudge into work still down with it--never had enough leave time to do otherwise--so yay for that.

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