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Gollum's lovechild

Hey ancalime8301!!!! Check this out!

On our way back from seeing RotK in June, Cali and I saw a strange gray creature running across the road in my headlights. My best guess was it was a hairless fox who maybe lost its fur from mange. Or maybe the love-child of Gollum and the fox that saw the hobbits as they journeyed out of the Shire.

Anyway, I just saw this video on the weather channel site, and this has got to be the very fellow, unless there's more than one of them. It was found near a hospital in our county, and the nearest hospital from where we saw it is about 4 miles away. Obviously, it's trucking its way over the area, trying to find the portal back to its home dimension. Seeing it here, it looks a little chubby to be a fox.

What do ya'll think it is? Weird, huh?

Edit: Just found an article on it with a pic and the video here.

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