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Goodnight, Irene . . .

The wind and rain are very loud out there right now. I'm just to the east of Washington and I-95, so we're on the line between hurricane and tropical storm as the eye is along the coastline. Hopefully when the eye runs into NJ and NY it will be quite a bit weaker, so you won't have worse than what we're getting here. There have been a dozen aftershocks from the earthquake into today, but I don't think I've felt any of them--poor folks in Mineral and Louisa.

We lost power for a couple of hours this evening, and I got to break out all my battery operated lights, fans, and radio, and kept doing chores without a hitch and threw a couple of catnip parties to keep the kitties calm. I'm happy to say it came back on after 2 hours, and it's been flickering a lot, but still holding. We're coming into the roughest couple of hours we're supposed to get, so I'll be thrilled if the power stays on through to morning, but I wont' be surprised if it goes out again. Not bad so far, Pepco--keep it up!

I debated whether to park my car in the coop supermarket parking lot a little away from trees, but opted to park it here under the trees where I could keep an eye on it, and have a short haul if I need to get out the 12 gallon cooler I got on sale at Kmart yesterday if the power goes out for more than 4 hours. I did pick the spot I think is safest where I think the trees would most likely fall away from it and branches don't look dead and loose above it. And heck, stuff could blow into it in the parking lot and it could flood there, so I feel better at least being able to check on it and I'm counting on it's sturdy roundness to make things roll off my round, blue, steel vessel.

I'm going to put fresh washed sheets on the bed, give the kitties one more nip party, take another shower, and try to go to bed. Aaand the power just did a big flicker, and there was a big bump sound, so I'd better send this when the modem resets. A safe night and tomorrow to all of my flisties still in the storm's path.

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