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Stray Kitties: Caretaker Found!


My quest is nearly at an end. Today when I went up to Warwick, I drove up to a horse rehabilitation stable close to the area I found Ostra in 4 times in the last month. K, who runs the stable was exactly who I am looking for-- a lover of stray cats who would be happy to feed and look after Oestra and Brigit! I don't think I could have found them a more perfect mom--I adore her! With plenty of food and bedding, she closes her 4 loved barn cats in her office in the stable at night so they won't roam into the road. She immediately put out some wet food in hopes of attracting Oestra and Brigit. One of the women who works there saw Oestra in the field between the stable and the woody area about 2 weeks ago. It could have been the young kitty who was killed last week, but she was pretty sure it was grayer like Oestra, and the cat in the pic I showed her. K said she would call me if she sees them, and wants me to call her if I do.

So yay, no more dealing with B and his resistance to keep up with feeding them! It's still good that I got him some automatic feeders because his missing Mama Cat is now showing up regularly and is being a purry happy kitty with me now that she can count on food being there. And maybe we can encourage the strays now to stay on one side of the road instead of my encouraging them to go back to B's shed.

Just to top off a most fruitful trip, I will have to call K tomorrow. As, I came back to K's stable in the dark with my flashlight, after having looked unsuccessfully for Oestra by the woods and having met another nice neighbor who lives on the other side of the wood lot, who should I see sitting by the entrance gate but Brigit. Unlike her bolder sister, she ran away when I called and approached, but that's not surprising, since we haven't seen each other in about 2 months to the day. I put some salmon in a bowl on a fence post next to where we put K's food for them. I expect Brigit will find it, unless the rabbits I saw hopping about not far from where I saw Her Fluffiness distract her and prove to be just as easy a meal.

Here are some pics of the dynamic duo back in their garage days last summer:


BRIGIT: *nibble nibble nibble . . .*

OESTRA: *gobblegoobleglurp* Why is all the salmon gone!?! *burp*

BRIGIT: *nibble nibble nibble . . .*

OESTRA: Hey HEY!!! Hey hey HEY!!! Brigit!!! Dear Brigit!!! You gonna eat all that?

BRIGIT: As a matter of fact, yes.

OESTRA: *frowny tail*


OESTRA: OK. No problem.

BRIGIT: *nibble nibble nibble . . .*



Happy, Happy Caturday!!!!!

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