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Your Mathom

I wanted to give ya'll a special mathom today for my half century mark . . .

So here--have a PONY! my dear flisties!!!

This little guy (colt, foal boy) was born on the 8th at B's stables, and I took these pics on Wednesday when he was a week old. It was getting dark in the stall and he kept moving about, so the pics are pretty fuzzy, but so are ponies, so what the hay.

I went up there again today and took some more pics I'll post another day. I hope you like Your Pony! (-:

Thank you so much to aliensouldream, romeny, claudia603, addie71, shirebound, lbilover, moit, i_o_r_h_a_e_l, mews1945, and lovethosehobbit for the glorious birthday pic posts; ladysnaps, jan_u_wine, and frodosweetstuff for the adorable vgifts; and [personal profile] supergee, obeliamedusa, febobe, frolijah_fan_54, honeyandvinegar, anneheart, [personal profile] djkittycat, and tacnukesoul for the lovely birthday greetings. (If I overlooked anyone's greeting, please tell me.) Ya'll know how to make a birthday special--I sure feel the love. <3

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