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Discovery and Cyborg Saki

I took Saki to the vet for a dental cleaning this morning, and to get a microchip while anesthetized, talked a while with a sister feral carer in the waiting room, and then heard on the radio that the space shuttle Discovery was presently making its passes over DC. So I drove on to the highest hill I know of in Greenbelt that has a bit of a view of the city, as I had been thinking of doing yesterday, and met an elderly couple there who were watching for it. Just as I got out of the car, we saw the piggyback shuttle on the back of the plane passing over the city at 10:15 am and making its turn towards Dulles. Actually, what I saw was a big white thing in the sky in the distance, but yay I saw it! That was indeed a lucky catch. Here's a BBC article on it. I was able to hear the plane carrying it, too.

I need the good luck vibes. I'm a scared mess over Saki going under anesthesia today. I didn't used to be this fretful, but I woke up with frightful thoughts of Saki dying under anesthesia, and was terrified when the phone rang a few minutes ago, which was just a call from the mail carrier. So please wish her luck.

Saki is doing fine--she's her loveable, social 13 1/2 year old self, full of a thousand winsome sounds and gestures. She asked for a vigorous game of foot fight yesterday and jumped into the bathroom window this morning from the edge of the bathtub, which is a good leap I haven't seen her do in a while. It's just that she's balancing hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. Her creatinine was up at the upper edge of normal last month and I've been fretting over her health, giving her lots of multivitamin and omega fatty acid treats, and enticing her to drink more, in addition to the thyroid pill and kidney diet I've had her on for a while. I think the glucosamine treats I'm also giving her daily must be helping, since she did that good leap this morning. She's so easy to pill, thanks to duck flavored pill pockets that she adores--she gobbled her amoxicillin I've had to give her the last 2 days before the dental cleaning right down in pill pocket portions, and it's a nasty smelling pill, so those pill pockets and Saki's love for them is quite a blessing. And her weight is staying stable--yay for her not minding sitting on the scale a couple of times a week.

She's been trying to get out the door to explore the hallway lately, since last time I took her to the vets and let her run up the stairs, and though we're on a second floor with an inside hallway, I decided to go ahead and get her microchipped while under anesthesia today. So Saki is becoming a cyborg today. Let's hope Discovery is passing the technological torch to Saki for a safe go under anesthesia. I'd appreciate it so much if you held her in your thoughts this afternoon.

My friend Cathy knits alpaca catnip-filled mice and sent one to Saki in February. As you can see, my 13 1/2 year old kitten absolutely loves this mouse. She holds it sometimes when she sleeps in her bun bed next to me on the sofa. (-:

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