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Saki is Home

Saki is home safe and we are so appreciative for all your well wishes!!! Thank you!!! I have the best flist eva!!! *hugs all round*

We came home around 6 pm to a power outage and it was only restored an hour ago, or I would have reported earlier. Saki came home slightly wobbly, unable to hold up her heavy eyelids, but strung out and unable to sleep, hungry, thirsty, purry, and loving everyone like a happy little drunk. I say the last, because, usually, the kitty home from the vet tries to avoid the hazing scrutiny of her furry room mates, but Saki was eager to greet and touch Moo and Tuxie and spread the punch-drunk love. I had to withhold food and keep her to a small portion until tomorrow. I'm not sure if it was the post-anesthesia or pain killer that left her restless. Here's her sweet little, closed-eyed, strung-out self:

She had an IV drip, so the shaved paw. I can't see an incision or feel her microchip between her shoulder blades, so it was nicely done. She had subcutaneous fluids so she's all filled out.

Here are the puffy eyes she can't keep open as she purrs away. The outage wasn't a problem because I didn't need power to pet, talk to, and hold her all evening. She was only starting to get back a little of her voice.

She has just been full of purrs and love even more than her plentiful usual this evening. I just finally put her to bed half an hour ago. I hope she sleeps well through the night.

Thanks again for all the support. <3

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