Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

The Grounds of the Readercon Discussion

The Readercon con com apology and action plan are excellent and well done, and what was needed to set things on the right track. However, I'm still in wait and see mode. The reason there has been such a well spring of support for the targets in this case of sexual harassment is not only due to glvalentine, vschanoes, and Kate Kligman being an outspoken and unwavering team, but also because the stage on which the conversation has been centrally playing out is Live Journal and DreamWidth, where a women-centered fandom is strongest.

I have large doubts that the conversation would have been as supportive of the targets of sexual harassment if it had been centered in spaces like the SWFA community, where much of the discussion over Harlan Ellison's sexual harassment and assault of Connie Willis was centered only a few years ago, and in spaces that are not so heavily weighted toward women, like most sf/f cons themselves. If the conversation was centered outside the LJ and DW arena, I think we'd see a hell of a lot more comments like this here, which represents a lot of voices (and not just men's) that are not committing themselves to stating their views publicly in cyberspace where so many voices are opposing them.

I'm not saying this discussion happening on LJ and DW is not a force for change to the better; it is, but I'm doubtful how much it's reflecting the reality on the ground right now, the mainstream of the sf/f con going population. And I'm not real eager to step onto those grounds looking for my happy space. For now, I'll stay in my happy spaces on LJ and DW and listen to how things shake out as policy is implemented.

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Tags: gender, politics, sexual harassment, sf/f
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