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A Monarch Chrysalis for the Birthday Grrls

I want to wish a happy belated birthday to the lovely ladies romeny, ladysnaps, and terminalmalaise, and hope you enjoy seeing this gilded little thing I present you with.

Monarch Chrysalis, Day 11, 9-23-12

It's a monarch butterfly chrysalis I took in as a caterpillar down by the lake 2 weeks ago. I took this pic on Sunday, day 11 of his being in his chrysalis. He attached himself to the glass lid of the box I have him in, and I put a calendar page behind the lid to better highlight him for these pics. The fluorescent light makes him look slightly bluer than the sea green-aqua he would look under daylight. But those spots and trim really do shine like metallic gold. I hope he will emerge by Wednesday or Thursday, if all is well with him, and look similar to the butterfly in my icon. Then I'll release him down by the lake. I'm extra glad I took him in because today the parks department mowed down the milkweed I had found him on, as well as much of what was growing around it--not good. I just find these chrysalises to be as exquisite as the butterflies they become.

I hope you 3 had a wonderful unMondayish, Monday to celebrate your day.

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Tags: birthday, faun, greenbelt lake, monarch, nature
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