Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
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Power Box-Sitting Saki for a Birthday . . .

So if it's [personal profile] claudia603's birthday, why isn't she here to pet me?

I'm so despondent. You can tell by how my cheek is pathetically laid against the Plum Hork. Is she here yet?

OK, maybe laying my chin on the top like this will get to her.

Power Box-Sitting.4, To prove she is the cutest thing in a box eva, 9-26-12
You know, I can fucking sit in this box aaaaaall day! When the fuck is she going to come here and pet me?

And while your presence is being demanded by Saki Took, not that I'm trying to lure you to a moot or anything, let me wish you a happy birthday, [personal profile] claudia603, that brings you many more days of being enrapt in magical clouds of monarch butterflies!<3
Verid at Greenbelt Lake, First day out, Day15.1, 9-27-12
Yes, that is Verid yesterday on her first day out down by the lake.


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