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Cat Storm Prep and Cutesy Storm Names

I'm waiting to see what the latest is about the storm tomorrow to decide whether or not I should try to trap Brigit when I go up tomorrow and keep her in my bathroom for 5 days. She's at the epicenter of the Delmarva peninsula. She's plenty inland for flooding to not be a life threatening issue, so it's just the wind force that I'm worried about and falling objects. For all the media hype--which I'm giving the finger right now--we are not looking at hurricane force winds, but tropical storm winds are serious enough.

However, temps will not be dropping near freezing, and if I manage to catch her for this storm, it will most likely be much more difficult to catch her for any other weather conditions that arise this winter, and I'm more worried about getting a bad blizzard some time this winter, or sustained severe subfreezing temps, or a real live hurricane this fall that does have hurricane force winds. If I trap her now, I might not be able to trap her then. So I'm leaning toward leaving well enough alone and just going up again Thursday to check on her. Did I say how much I hate the storm hype? Because I do.

And Pepco is telling us to expect days of power outages. No, Pepco, days of power outages for people who do not live in remote coastal areas are not acceptable just because you want to call this a super storm and other cutesy names. You've got plenty of time to prepare for this one and have lots of remote teams on hand if you're willing to lay out the money you collect from us. The damned hype we're being subjected to means you, Pepco should be prepared, not excused.

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