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One Lump or Three? and a birthday . . .

I want to wish a happy belated birthday to [personal profile] lanning! I hope it was a good one. I wanted to post this sooner, but as you can see, it's been a very busy time around my place . . .


Whoever designed the cat bagel is a genius and hero among catkind. Saki, Moo, and Tuxie all adore them. However, Saki loves, loves, loves being gifted a new cat bagel. When I brought in a new one for her--her Chanukah pressie--I showed it to her and she immediately got up out of the old cat bagel she was sitting in there, without my prompting, and waited for me to pick up the old one and set the new one in its place. Then she immediately climbed into it, purring loudly, and curled up, and nuzzled my hand. I've never met another cat who was so happy to get new things and express such pleasure and gratitude for them. (-:

And yes, that is my laptop seat in the middle. Even now, I am typing from the center of this very formation of snoozing guard cats. You could probably knit a sweater out of the amount of cat hair that must be under my keyboard . . .

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