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A New Home . . .

I took Ms. Brigit up to her new home yesterday. I think it's going to be good for her. She's got someone who really knows feral cats to look in on her every day now.

As I mentioned before, this cat sanctuary is in Gettysburg, PA, which is an hour and a half drive from my place, nestled between spurs of the Appalachians. For those of my hobbit posse who have been out here before, it's about a 30 minute drive northwest of the Best Western we mooted at, on the same route even. I went up there on Tuesday to meet T, whose front porch and backyard is the cat sanctuary, and to check out the place. She was a bit prickly, as we were both sussing each other out, and the place is in quite a bit of disrepair, and messy, not unlike Rhosgobel--such is the way of people and places that are looking after many animals. The 2 story shed she planned to keep Brigit in for her first 6 weeks was pretty rickety, though it did sound as though she knew her stuff. I just left that day feeling a bit unsure.

However, T had given me some advice on how to get Brigit into a carrier without bloodshed or kitty stress, and I tried it out that evening. Basically, you put a small carrier with bedding inside the large crate and cover it with a towel so it's nice and dark. It worked like a charm--Brigit went right in it. And not only that, but it made her feel so secure, she then spent time sitting on top of it inside the crate that evening, watching what she could see of the rest of the household, and stayed up there without hisses as Saki, Tuxie and I crawled into bed, where her crate was at the foot, and watched us a while. I only wish I had known to do this before, so she could have been more secure the whole week she was here, and of course, it would have been so much better for both of us when I took her to the vet on Saturday. And in the morning, when I was ready to take her to Gettysburg, she was curled up in the carrier, and all I had to do was shut its door and pull it out of the crate. So, I was totally won over concerning T's competence, and over my jitters about taking Brigit up there. This kind of info just isn't up on the internetz that I could find.

Here's the little girl yesterday morning, getting ready for our drive up. My mantra to her on the way up was "Wet food every day now!!!" I had the carrier in the back seat covered with a towel to keep her secure, but I heard her scurrying about in there. So when I took a rest stop I took the towel off because she really is a kitty who likes to look around and just watch what you're up to.

And I think T and I hit it off much better yesterday. I think she was pleased and reassured with me that I had followed her advice, and satisfied in my cat caring, as I was with her. She's been working with ferals since she was a kid. I brought a little care package of bowls and food for Brigit and paid her hundred dollar college tuition rehoming fee. T took Brigit and the carrier and put her in the shed, and I spent time with T and some of the 33 cats she has there now.

These are the cat sheds. The one Brigit is in is behind these. It has some attic windows she can sit in and survey her new domain. T said there is a wood stove out there they fire up on cold nights to keep the sheds warm for the cats. I expect they've fired it up tonight.

And here are some of the residents. More pics of the crew will have to wait for another post. I'll also tell you more about T's acclimation methods for ferals. I drove home last night through the flash floods slowly and surely in the right hand lane, so it was a long night back. I did talk to T today, and she said when she let Brigit out of the carrier yesterday, she stayed near to watch T. That's my girl. She's going to be all right.

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