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Heralds of Spring

Snowdrops are the first of the spring bulbs to come up around here. These pics are from 2 years ago, but the same ones are up and budded right now by the lake. They started to open when it was warmer earlier this week and have since pulled their buds in tighter again. The buds have been out for almost 2 weeks now, just waiting for a chance to open out. If they can hold on through mid-week's possible storm, they should be able to open out by the end of the week.

I'm disgruntled with both accu-weather and the weather channel, which have both predicted partly cloudy to sunny skies every day since Tuesday, and all we've gotten is solid, gloomy cloud cover, and even some totally unpredicted drizzles. At least it's been keeping the more annoying people away from the lake, so only the serious walkers and joggers, who actually smile nice greetings, are out, and I do appreciate that a great deal. That's really helped me make my peace with winter and cloudy days this year.

Snow Drops, 3-2011

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