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Lavender Took

Sustenance hunting and all that stuff

OK, I'll update my exciting adventures as Me. The main thing I'm doing right now is job hunting, so psyching myself up to write cover letters to sell myself to employers has been the name of the game lately. Will the fun never end? There was one job advertised last week that I really would like to get, so of course I got paralyzed on writing the cover letter for that until this week, but it's still open, and I sent the resume out, so now I'm moving on all the other applications again. I went to a job fair, but mainly I've been applying to ads in the paper thus far. The next task is to get my revamped resume up on some head hunter websites, and then hit the temporary agencies as well.

And I wants to get backses to work on my dissertation, precioussss, as soon as I get through all this. I'm supposed to get another draft of my prospectus to my adviser this month, but I don't know if I'll make it. But I have been reading some really smart articles I should take time to muse about here, as some of you might be interested. I just think the current theoretical writing on the early modern period by literary scholars and historians is so much more accessible, grounded and well written than what I've been reading concerning our own times--in other words, the writings on postmodernism and postcoloniality I was reading this summer really need editing and tightening up and just more grounding. Yessums, these concepts can be discussed in plainer language. So it is fun to be back in my period of study. Good stuff, ya.

Thanksgiving was OoooooKay. I decided not to visit the family up in Jersey for my mental health, and a Good Decision it was. And thanks to the homegrown garlic and sage my friend Kate gave me and my own window grown parsley, I made the best roast chicken for me and the excruciatingly cute Furry Duo. And Saki has a new toy she's become obsessed with. She stripped the feathers off the end of a kitty tease stick and now its left with a few wimpy mylar ribbons, but that's how she likes it, and she's been dragging it up to me where ever I move in the efficiency in eternal hope for "juuuust one more game of chase the stick, pleeeeeease?" (-;

In other news, I've decided to join the Safeway boycott today.

Yup, really exciting here.

And the vocabulary words from Mordor today, children, are:
"worker productivity index." It makes baby orcs smile.

Maybe a rant on that later.

And what would I do without you folks? You's make me smile, you's do. Hugs and lots of good wishes to you who I hope is having a fun time this evening.
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