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Happy Froday! Come for a Walk . . .

Saki lost another half pound over the week, so I'm still fretting. However, she's gotten her appetite back the last 2 days and gained back an ounce, so I'm hoping we've turned the corner. I'm not sure how much her appetite has improved or if it's just that I tried her on Basic Instinct's lamb for the first time, and she loves it. I've been giving her other flavors of Basic Instinct's grain-free food, but this was a real hit. Yay for that working for her!

I talked to T today. Ms. Brigit is doing fine. She is still glued to her BFF, Ms. Socks, following her everywhere, and guarding her from all comers. She occasionally comes up on the porch or to the backdoor at night when Socks leads her there for treats. But they're still spending their days out in the woods together. T says she's seen some of the cats fish in the stream back there, catching fish with their paws.

T is still determined to put Socks to work as a social facilitator kitty next time she gets another feral who needs acclimating. She says she'll put Brigit in the shed with them. So Brigit will have a job maybe before I manage to get one! I'm very glad T does not have the heart to separate them, but I'm skeptical about how this will work out. I'm kind of doubting Brigit has a knack for social facilitation: "I'm Brigit. Welcome to the cat sanctuary. HISSSSSSS! And don't even think of touching my grrlfriend over there. HISSSSSSSSSSSS! Comfortable yet? Don't come near me! HISSSSSS!" But maybe my girl will shed her surliness and step up to the plate and do us proud. Not holding my breath. I can't wait to hear how it goes. :-P

Greenbelt Lake 10-13
Here is another pic of Greenbelt Lake from last October.

The trees here make me think of sea monkeys.

Swamp maples for the colorful goodness win.

Greenbelt Lake 10-12
Stained glass windows made of leaves.

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