Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

The Crew of the Carpet Ship . . .

Through the gloaming gloom of a wintery storm and the angry assault of a merciless Monday, Captain Saki, with her trusty mostly, . . . OK, sometimes trusty Bosun Tuxie, steers the Carpet Ship safely to harbor:


The Great White & Black Whale, Moby Moo surfaces and mocks their feeble attempts to subdue her:
Ms. Moo, Fall 2012

None of this reflects today's feline homecrew activity, which has been flatlining today, a sensible reaction to this weather.

All the lovely greetings today have been the wonderful bright spots on this dark, cold, rainy day. <3 *hugs you all*

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Tags: cats, moo, pirates, saki, tuxie, weather yay!
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