Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

I'm ignoring you, Spring . . .

. . . until you decide to stop playing games with us. Here's some more pictures of our good friend, lovely Autumn. Isn't Autumn beautiful?




In other news, Saki's weight seems to have stabilized between 10.7 and 10.8 lbs. I won't feel better until she starts gaining a good pound or two. She's still on the hyper side, begging for foot fights and mouse toss & fetch several times a day. I indulge her when I can. She's quite a fetching fetcher. (-: We see the vet again next week. Tuxie has been a mostly good and sweet boy the last few weeks and has not been harrying Saki--I hope he stays on this side of the toggle switch for a while. Moo and Tuxie were sitting on the bed leaning against each other and purring yesterday for the first time since Tux was under 6 months old, but when I left the room I heard Moo hiss and Tuxie jump off the bed, so he evidently tried to pull something on her.

I'm also frantically sorting and tossing things before an apartment inspection on Friday. My apartment is already rather clean. I want to be sorting through my junk and tossing as much as I can, but I resent like hell this pressure. If I could afford a house, I wouldn't be under anyone else's gun to do decrufting, but my own, like an adult. The wealthy don't ever have to know this fear of eviction for what they can take for granted, as well as have the space to store things adequately. It's just been a horrendous month with 3 weeks of being sick, Saki being sick, my mom doing poorly, switching vets and all the research that involved, jury duty, job interviews, and gloomy weather to weigh down the spirits, so lots of anxiety on what I couldn't get done. I will be relieved to reach the weekend.

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