Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

More Autumn 2012 . . .

. . . until Spring gives us something worth reflecting upon . . .



More bad news: I called to make Saki's vet appointment for next week and learned that Dr. K is on indefinite medical leave. Which is what happened to the last vet we liked after our first appointment at the old vet. I hope Dr. K's leave turns out not to be as serious as the old vet, for her sake, as well as ours. So I made an appointment with the other senior vet, who does have great reviews on, so I'm hopeful Saki's appointment will go well. And I do know I like the junior partner, Dr. F, from how he handled Brigit, so we do have an alternative here if I am unimpressed with Dr. C, unlike the old vet, where none of the alternatives were good.

Greenbelt Lake 10-12


Now back to the exhausting sorting grind . . .

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