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Lavender Took

Goodbye Mary!

Mary, frolijah_fan_54, I'm going to miss your sweet, gentle, and smart spirit so much. I wish I had gotten that time to hang out with you that we talked about. I wish you had gotten more time with more good things. I'm an agnostic, and I know that would have made you smile, that, regardless, I hope you can feel all the love we're sending out to you today. Our hobbit posse is diminished without you.

For anyone who hasn't heard, our dear [personal profile] addie71 has posted about our loss of sweet Mary here.


I love that she's the only person in focus here with all the shiny things she belongs among.

Mary 4-18-13
And here she is enjoying her beloved hobbits, albeit in doll form.

My friend [personal profile] spiralsheep informed me that these flowers are speedwell, and not forget-me-nots, as I had mistakenly supposed--which is good, because those of us who knew Mary don't need help in keeping her in our memory. I think she would like to be virtually showered with Frodolijah blue speedwells, to speed her well on her way.

Namarie, sweet lady.


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