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The Sakushka

Starting last week, Saki's back to being a happy little kitty again. Halving her flagyl dose, getting some Comfort Zone pheromone diffusers, and adjusting to me being gone after 3 weeks of misery over it, seemed to have come together for her. I think the Endless Winter was hard on her, too, even though it stays warm in here, so the return of spring is probably doing her good as well. And her fur, which had been looking rumpledy, fluffed out smooth and silky again last week. I've heard that their coat is supposed to reflect their health from 3 months ago, but this seems to be an immediate change in synch with her spirits and behavior.

And now this week, she's happier to have me home for now. She's been eating a little better each day. With all the fancy grain-free wet foods I've gotten her over the months, it's Fancy Feast that is interesting her the most right now, but the classic varieties do read to be grain-free, so I'm giving her what she wants. That's what Tuxie likes best, too. She does seem to be nibbling on the Blue grain-free dry food a lot more today. But she's still losing weight an ounce or 2 a week, and is an ounce down from yesterday even, so still a constant worry. I'm hoping her thyroid isn't going too high again. I've also found a weird loose lump on her back leg--I'm hoping it's just a fat deposit. We'll see the vet again on Monday and I'll ask him about it, and maybe we'll decide to go off the steroid and flagyl altogether, depending on what her thyroid and renal values are doing, hoping they've done their job for now if it's IBD she's been dealing with. She's not a typical case in how she's reacted to the steroid. It's possible her weight loss is connected to the meds, and I'm hoping that's the case, but whether it's small cell lymphoma remains to be seen. I'm not going to put her through any cures that give her a longer, but miserable life. We've got a vet who is better equipped for that goal than the the one we had before, so I'm grateful for that.

But for now, life is being good to her and I'm glad to see my sunny girl back for the present.

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