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Where I Was Last Month

Last month, I worked in Baltimore. Here's the view of the Inner Harbor from a conference room on the 10th floor:

Baltimore 4-13
Here are the Harbor Pavilion Shops, The USS Constellation, and Federal Hill Park. Nope, I did not have such a view from my office, which had no window, but was still very nice and quiet to work in.

As you can see, it was lovely to work so close to the Inner Harbor and be able to walk by the water at lunch most every day. It's not as pretty to me as the lake near my apartment, as I guess I'm not a city person anymore, but it was nice for a change of pace, and with the long commute, I was glad to have places to get long lunch time walks in.

The view further to the right or west of the Inner Harbor looking south.

This is the view northward from the 26th floor by the elevators. There was a different company up there, so I didn't bother them to ask to see more of the views.

Squiggly bright statue in front of my building making it easy to spot.

The top of my building as seen over the Pratt Street Pavilion at the Inner Harbor.

Some days I walked around this side of the Inner Harbor past Federal Hill Park, and this is the view of the Baltimore skyline from there, with my building leftmost. I will post more pics that won't center around my work building in other posts.

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