Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

A Meowday Birthday . . .

My household is unanimous in wishing the one and only hanarobi a very happy birthday.
Moo Spring 2013
Ms. Moo is shocked, absolutely shocked, by the idea of not wishing hanarobi a happy birthday.

Tuxie even dressed up in his best formals for the occasion.

Saki 4-13
Saki is concentrating on transmitting her best purrs through the ether to you.

Ms. Brigit acts like it's no big deal, but . . .

Brigit Summer 2012
. . . she's quick to run off and convey the news to all the cats at the cat sanctuary.

This kitty wants to be the first there to send his birthday wishes.

This tabby has sneaked in to beat out the little tuxedo kitty in wishing hanarobi a happy birthday.

The beauteous Smoke wants you to know he loves you very, very much, even though he doesn't know who the hell you are, oh yeah, and happy birthday, too.

These kitties are sending their best sleeping vibes your way for a lovely birthday nap whenever you want it.

Happy Birthday, my friend! <3

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