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The Tortoise & the Lotus

Or, well, turtle and waterlily. For my bb jan_u_wine, who wished to see turtles. She requested a pic of my family turtle Cleo, who lived to be 20, but I don't have a pic of him. However, he was a red-eared slider just like the turtle with the waterlily here. He grew to be a couple of inches bigger than this one.

Cleo had a much cleaner shell, of course, being a pampered house turtle. I took these pics earlier this month.

They are also known as red-eared terrapins. They're called sliders because of how quickly they'll slide into the water if you approach them. One more angle of this red-eared turtle, and then on to more turtle spam from late April to early June.

I took this pic back in April, but one or two turtles come to perch on this stick most days I've been around the lake, which is most everyday this spring.

I don't know what kind of turtle this is swimming through the muck, but I think the pics are mostly either red-eared or painted turtles.

This is definitely an eastern painted turtle, like the little one I found in the path back in April.

This is the same pretty turtle. Look at the red leaf in the upper left hand corner: "<3 the Turtle." (-:


Did you spot all four here? They're ranging from about 3 inches to almost a foot.

There's at least one almost foot long painted turtle on this log most everyday, sometimes accompanied by ducks or frogs. I haven't uploaded the interspecies companionability pics yet, so you'll be seeing them later.

Turtle, Greenbelt Lake, 5-13

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