Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

Happy Summer Solstice!

Late Afternoon Sunlight, Greenbelt Lake, 5-13
Late afternoon sunlight making magic of a stump with fungi on top in early May. This is by a feeder stream into Greenbelt Lake, a spot along a trail I hadn't been on before because it's usually a bit over grown with poison ivy by the time the foliage is out. Another find brought to you by this year's late spring.


Today was the prettiest summer solstice day I can remember. Lovely blue dragon flies, golden guppies, and silver shiner fish danced for me down at the lake today. And the first purple passion flowers of the year blossomed.

I hope your weekend is a good one, my friends.<3

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Tags: flora, greenbelt lake, holiday, nature, water
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