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Spun Silver Stump

So there's this stripped-down, bark-less tree stump along the path around the lake which has wonderful patterns in it that I really like.

In the right light, it looks like spun silver. I took these shots in April.

See all the shades and patterns?

Spun Silver Stump, Greenbelt Lake, 4-13
I'm not sure if the first pic or this one is my favorite. This one has more textures.

Such odd little swirls.

Yay for natural Picasso boobies and paisley patterns! A very retro stump you feel like pulling up an orange plastic chair and sitting down next to.

Stump, Greenbelt Lake, 5-13
Here's to give you an idea of what the whole stump looks like. The swirls I'm looking at above are toward the bottom center of it.

So which pic do you like best?

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