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Pickles the Hobbit Cat

For Ms. [personal profile] lanning, who is a hero to cat kind and a fellow fan of Pickles. Pickles is a lucky little calico who resides in Hobbiton, the one in Matamata, NZ. I've been collecting pics of Pickles since I first learned of her last year on the Hobbiton Tumbler site, where most of these pics come from. I so hope she's going to turn up in one of The Hobbit films.

So, Ms. Pickles gets to hang out around any smial she wants . . .

Or nap in a comfy chair by the fire place in the Green Dragon Inn.

Visitors love to give her scritches. I'd be joining them in paying my respects to Ms. Pickles if I could.

Pickles the Hobbit Cat, Hobbiton, Matamata, NZ
Stay away from the Green Dragon Inn, Hobbiton rodents--Ms. Pickles is on patrol . . .

Pickles the Hobbit cat, Hobbiton, Matamata, NZ
. . . and listening for the approach of Gandalf's cart . . .

. . . or letting us know that the last few frames of RotK would have been highly improved if she were pictured in front of that door watching Frodo come back to join Sam and Rosie and invite them to join him in Bag End . . .

Pickles the Hobbit cat, Hobbiton, Matamata, NZ
. . . or disapproving of whatever Merry and Pippin are getting up to this time . . .

. . . or wondering if any hobbit would notice if she took off with that basket of yarn . . .

. . . or watching Frodo and Sam kiss over the garden gate . . .

Pickles the Hobbit Cat, Hobbiton, Matamata, NZ
. . . or sleeping anywhere she wants in Hobbiton after a hard few minutes day's work. I want to be Pickles.

[personal profile] lanning posted about Pickles here and linked to an article about someone who is doing a children's book about Pickles, which should increase this kitty's fan base exponentially.

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