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FotR Symphony and Bittersweet Doggies

I just saw that the FotR symphony with the film is going to be playing at Wolf Trap here on Fri & Sat September 6 & 7. If I knew a while ago, I might have tried to organize a moot around it. Unless I land a job beforehand, I can't afford to go, but if any of you are in town for it, I want to see you, so let me know.

In an earlier entry, I mentioned some cute doggies I've seen walking their human around the lake, and I have a soft spot for them because they remind me a little of [personal profile] shirebound's Pippin. Their human told me she found them left in a bag along the side of the road, not long after she lost a dear dog, so that's how they came to be a family. Because of them, their human R and I have become friends.

The light honey-colored one is named Nip, due to her protruding bottom teeth. Her apricot-colored brother is named Tuck because he tucks his head against R. They are both sweeties. But sadly, Tuck has developed cancerous tumors in the joints of 2 of his legs. The vet gives him some steroids to keep him comfortable, and he has good days when he can make it all around the lake and bad days. I've seen him give his little bark when he's decided it's time to turn around and head home. So please wish him love and strength to keep fighting down those proliferating cells for more good time to beat the odds and take many more laps around the lake. He's especially sweet.

Nip & Tuck, Greenbelt Lake, 6-13
Here's another one of Nip & Tuck, named before there was a TV show sharing their names.

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