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It's Saki Day!

Today is Saki's 15th (approximate) birthday and the 14th anniversary of the day she came home with me. :-D I wasn't sure we were going to see this day together back in the spring, so it's been a very happy day.

Since today is a rushed workday, I put on a Big Kitty Birthday Bash for all 3 on Monday because Moo and Tuxie's birthday got brushed under in April due to hectic-ness and worry over Saki's illness. The party was a blast for all 4 of us. There was an abundance of fresh catnip from my friend D's garden, chicken, crinkly plastic bags, mylar stick fights, new catnip toys, string, laser chasing (quickly devolved into laser spectatorship), Saki swinging in a bag, Capt Saki riding in the Plum Hork (she still gets so excited about jumping in and being carried), flinging of toys down from the top of the cat condo by Saki and Tuxie respectively, brushing of Moo and Saki (not Tuxie's thing), and a new cat bagel bed that Saki excitedly jumped in immediately. I've never met a cat before who so absolutely loves new presents--her head was all aquiver upon seeing me holding the new bed--and shows such happy gratitude for them (licks my hand upon claiming her prize). She is so much fun to spoil. There will be pics, but I don't have time to get them up tonight--might have to wait until next month.

Today I presented her with another new catnip toy--she came over excitedly upon seeing it in its package--and upon removal from said package, she immediately grabbed it, curled around it to chew and gut it with her back claws. Then there was brushing and a fresh catnip round for all the customers.

It's been 14 years of my experiencing unspeakable cuteness on a daily basis due to this fluffhead. So I'm going to begin to hope on her 16th birthday now, but I am very grateful for this day, and every day my loving, soft-spoken (for a meezer), and purry puppy-cat full of ideas, wants, and conversation is still here is a gift.

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