Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

Remembrance of Milli

It's been 6 years since I lost my beautiful calitabby Milli to lung cancer. (Yeah, YOU try telling a cat to stop smoking.) She was Saki's big sister. Saki made Milli's life hell the first few months after I brought Saki home, but their finally getting along and sharing good play fights was something I was very proud of helping them to achieve.

Milli was a sporadic cuddler. She liked keeping life at paws length, but loved watching what went on around her, and loved judging it as problematic, and blinked the most loving looks. The beauty of her ticked fur with rich rust and peach highlights in the sun could take my breathe away.

I miss my sweet girl, but I'm glad for the time we had together, and am glad she passed on peacefully at the end of her too short life.

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Tags: cats, family, loved ones, milli, paths, peace, remembrance, saki
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