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A birthday . . .

Happy Birthday to hobbity sweet [personal profile] shirebound!!! May the day be filled with all good things, which includes, first of all, snuggles from the one and only Pip-pup!

I have some birthday pic spam for you below, starting with the pretty gold finches who have been perching outside my window due to my downstairs neighbor putting up a feeder full of their favorite seeds. Here's a fluffy little gold heart just for you:

The adult males get a much brighter gold in the summer, but in winter their colors are indistinguishable from the females.

And here's another gender-neutral dressed finch during our second to last snow of the season, hopefully, last week.

Saki is in her bathtub playroom and ready to party for your birthday. She's donned a plastic bag all by herself (I did not dress her) to add good crinkles to the game of chewing on her favorite mylar and feather stick, which she is hoping you will swish around for her to grab. She has no idea how an almost 16 year old cat should act.

I got this potted primrose last year and it stayed green all year and flowered again for its second year just to greet you for your birthday with your favorite color. I didn't know they did that indoors.

The colors here are not saturated--in fact, I desaturated the pic a little to add a little clarity to these exuberant blooms. Hope it's been a lovely day and the start to a wonderful year, my friend. <3 *big squooshes*

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