Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

A Bingo Birthday Greeting for Febobe!!!

How could Frodo concentrate when he knew [personal profile] febobe's birthday party was this evening. It was useless. Plus he was feeling unusually weary. Why in Arda was he so tired? And why was the Elvish script, the tengwar starting to dance and spin?

And that was all he could remember before he passed out.

But when he awoke, he was snug in bed, and Sam brought him all the food he could desire. But wait? Febobe's party! He couldn't miss that!

And he wouldn't, because she would be glad to come to his bedside. There was her cake, all ready for the party. Now all he had to do is wait for her to arrive . . .

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] febobe! Hope you are having a great day with your fine guests!

And yes, these are some of the BB dollustrations. (-:

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Tags: bingo, bingo doll, birthday, fandom, fic, frodo, hobbit posse, sam
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