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Sweet Sixteen

I'm sorry to be late, but very happy belated birthday wishes to [personal profile] benedict and [personal profile] ink_gypsy! I hope you had great days.

I wasn't able to throw a kitty party to celebrate Saki's 16th last Thursday until Saturday. But it was a good time, as you can see here:

The birthday paw! You can see Herself surveying her birthday spread. A cupcake and cold cuts all garnished with copious amounts of catnip. For some reason, Saki and Tuxie go wilder over cold cuts than freshly cooked meats, and even Moo, who will touch no fresh meats or cat food except for her One Kibble, partakes of the cold cuts--go figure. So yeah, they had a proper little luncheon party spread.

All 3, chowing down on meats and catnip, and having a good time.

Saki finally nibbling on the icing. She normally wants a bit of cake-type sweets when I have any, so I wanted to give her a chance to have her own cupcake, but she only licked a little--it was no match for the lunch meats and catnip. Tuxie's there on the blankie [personal profile] claudia603 knitted for Saki. We played a game with Saki's new birthday mylar/feather stick and some laser tag.

Tuxie joying down with splayed toesies: "Whoa man, this is a gooood party!"

And that was Saki's sweet 16 party. In cat years, she's well into her 80's, but she still looks and acts like a kitten--she's gained back some weight and is in so much better shape than she was a couple of years ago. We're working on 17 now. :-D

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