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A "Bonus" birthday Ringbearer & Mermaids. . .

A very belated bonus birthday spam for my dear friend [personal profile] claudia603:

I will take it! I will take the ring to Mordor . . .


. . . though I do not know the way . . .

. . . to the litter box. Saki just has that determined but anxious look there, don't she?

And some mermaids and Frood (decoupage by [personal profile] lbilover) for you. These are 2 beloved books of my childhood, more for the pics than the narratives themselves, really. I knew and loved the collection on the left that was in my grade school library, and my mom hunted down this copy for me when it was no longer in print--a really lovely gift.


You will notice that the pics were take on your birthday. So maybe instead of thinking of this as a belated wish, here's wishing you a bonus birthday celebration from the Bonus Birthday Fairy! :-D

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Tags: bingo, bonus birthday, frodo, hobbit posse, lotr, mermaids, saki
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