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I took Ms. Moo in for a dental cleaning before work. It involves anesthesia, and she had a bad time with the meds she was given afterward last time she had dental work due to extractions, so it's been a major worry today. But I just called and she's waking up, no extractions were needed so no evil meds, and I'll go get her in an hour, so a good note to start the weekend on. I am so relieved.

I will try to make up to her this weekend for having such a horrible morning--"Hello! Hello! Food? Water? For me? WTF? Why?" then shoved in a box, swathed in fleecy stuff(Mmmrrrf!), and taken out in the bitter cold, and left at THAT PLACE. Poor girl.

Lots else to report, of course, but I'll start with that. Happy Froday, ya'll!

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