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Of the current administration, stupid bugs, and car wrecks--that 's all redundant, huh?

If this weren't the real world, I'd be amused by Dubya taking time the other night to say he's going to fix things in Iraq by building new prisons, one of the only things he seems to know how to do. And as if tearing down Abu Ghraib could lessen the shame his admin has brought upon the US and the horror they inflicted on the Iraqi people and US troops alike--or the sheer grossness of their using Abu Ghraib in the first place as a prison, even if the abuses weren't inflicted. But Al Gore has finally woken up and has made the best statement I have seen thus far about this admin. It was very cathartic to read and to finally have these things said out loud. Thanks tosupergee for the link.

And in case you missed it, that old radical commie leftist Jimmy Carter, wrote a good editorial on this admin's human rights record a week or so ago. And this nation has turned so far right, that Carter does come off like quite the leftist.

And I've been reading for a while the interesting LJ of an American soldier in Iraq who is a fangrrl and a really wonderful writer, so here's links to a couple of her latest entries.

And now for my latest action-packed adventure during the plague of locusts. Yesterday at work I got on the elevator, pushed the button, turned, and leaned against the wall, and then suddenly heard an angry little "whrrrrrr" behind me. I knew that sound because I had taken enough cicadas outside trapped in my apartment lobby. I turned around. OK. No cicada on the wall. And no cicada on the spots I could reach on my back. So I leaned against the wall again, and a second later, the little fellow made his way to the front of my waist. The elevator reached my floor but we went promptly down again and I introduced him to a tree outside the door. Such silly little bugs!

And life is so much better when you're not sick with a fever for a good week and then rear-ended in your car and down with back pain, which kind of sums up a good part of the last two weeks. My back is recovering wonderfully now, I am relieved to say--yay community swimming pool and hot tub!--so this week is a much better week.

edit: Couldn't we add John Ashcroft to Al's little list? Pleeeeeease?
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