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Violence in Baltimore . . .

. . . is not the rioting. It's what caused the rioting.

I can't imagine what it must feel like to be the parents of these children, stranded after school because not only mass transit was suspended while they were in school, but their school buses were prevented from taking them home. Thanks to browngirl for first alerting me of the shutdown. Those riot police in the pics weren't there to protect these poor kids and get them home, as should be their mission. Baltimore goddam.

WaPo is sucking something awful at covering events. It goes without speaking that CNN is, too. No need to mention the other major alleged news agency. But The Guardian is doing some good coverage. As the police get 10 days to talk with lawyers and come up with a story, the hundreds of people on the street rounded up have had their habeas corpus rights waved for an extended 47 hours and are being assigned massive impossible bails to get out of jail.

[personal profile] synecdochic has some smart things to say and many good links about what's going on here.

The killing of black men like Freddie Gray by US police is nothing new, and not just a new trend because we're hearing about it now in the media. I'm hoping that the coverage the media is finally giving to open season on black people will result in some change in racist police conduct and hyper-militarization.

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