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A story of birthdays for a birthday . . .

Moo would like to wish [personal profile] hanarobi a happy birthday by telling her all about her birthday party the beginning of last month when she turned 10 and that insufferable Tuxie turned 9. And it wasn't that annoying Saki's birthday either, which made it an even better day.

Because on her birthday she got to eat nip and cold cuts . . .

Out of a bowl with her own image on it.

And yeah, Tuxie and Saki had some, too.

And Tuxie got sillier after that red dot than anyone else, just as you'd expect.

But it was a good day and she hopes you get all the nip and cold cuts you'd like and have just as good a birthday today as she did! And for a party game, you get to spot the pic of Frodo in one of the above pics. Where is Frodo? Happy Birthday, my friend!!!

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Tags: birthday, cats, hobbit posse, moo, saki, tuxie
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