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Laramie Moot: From Denver to Wyoming Border and Update

So my trip and moot report! You already got the airplane flight--it was a great flight out. I'm going to try to fly a Southwest 737 any time I have the chance--it was so roomy compared to the SW 727 I rode going back--makes a big difference. This will be one of several pic posts I'll be posting of the trip and moot.

I arrived in Denver without a hitch and had a short while to wait before [personal profile] shirebound's flight got in and it was so wonderful to see and get to hug her as soon as she stepped into the terminal. We found mirabile_dictu and [personal profile] hanarobi picked us up and took us the scenic route up through Colorado to Laramie, for which I'm extra grateful with the drive being 5+ hours for her round trip. It was a really gorgeous ride.

The pics in this post are all from a moving car window, so not the best quality.

The Rockies just north of Denver!

The Rockies from around the Longmont area.

The Rockies' Twin Sisters around the Loveland area.

Going through the Fort Collins area--Feed Store with horsie statue--how Western!

Still around the Fort Collins area--ROAD!

Corn fields and the Rockies.

I love those gray-green trees. They are Russian olives, first of 3 new-to-me trees I fell in love with this trip.

We're getting somewhat near the Wyoming border now. Next post--Wyoming to Laramie!


I think this has been our first low humidity weekend since maybe late May to remind me that summer in Maryland, not my favorite season here, can sometimes be quite lovely. I walked around the lake today and fell in love with my little corner of the world again. The crepe myrtle trees are still in bloom and all the hibiscuses around the lake.

Then I went to the newly renovated Greenbelt Theater around the corner and saw Mr. Holmes--a sweet film about mortality with Sir Ian McKellan, Laura Linney, and beautiful British scenery--I recommend it, and tissues.

Took some time to carry my Saki love around in her crate Purple Hork this evening. She eagerly tried to jump in it when I sang her little theme song, but she needed a little help getting in. Her energy is not great and I know her front paws are hurting or at least weak, but the will is still there. I add to her huge medicine regimen this week a new kidney med, calcitrol, so we'll see what that does for her. Moo and Tuxie are doing good.

I'm still grieving about Mom, but it was a good day.

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