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Laramie Moot: From Denver to Wyoming Border 2 and Update

Here's some more pics from the scenic tour [personal profile] hanarobi wonderfully took [personal profile] shirebound, mirabile_dictu, and me on to Laramie. All of these pics are still on the Colorado side of the border. Eath and sky are large here.

I don't remember if these are man made or natural cairns.

Can you imagine waiting around here for your school bus?

The tour will continue . . .

This past weekend I went with my LBGT hiking group to a section of the Appalachian Trail in MD. Yes, I think I'm ready for a 7 mile hike with inclines in part. What I was not ready for was it being a rocky path all the way--not that you had to scramble with your hands, but rocks big enough that you had to watch your every step, which for me takes away the fun of enjoying the scenery. Plus my feet were badly hurting by the end. I did take my hiking stick which kept my knee in good shape though. But to make matters worse, yesterday after work I put away my suitcase on the top closet step and misstepped my way down, which left my right foot, just as it was healing a little, pretty excruciating to walk on. It's a little better today, but still messed up, and hurty to walk on, and I'm limping. Meh. I will not be taking walks for an indeterminate while. Ice pads, arch support straps, advil, and extra sleep are my current best friends.

On a good note, Saki has been brighter since I started her on the new med last week. Yay!

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