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Laramie Moot: From Denver to Laramie and Update

Pics still from the car on the way to Laramie:

Still in Colorado--here we're approaching the little church at Virginia Dale, CO . . .

. . . and the rocks there, which look a lot like Vedauwoo, for those in the know, and those in the not know, you will see Vedauwoo next post.

Nope, still Colorado, I think.

Now we're in Wyoming--flat around us and mountains at a distance and big sky. We saw quite a few pronghorn along the way in the fields beside the highway, but I didn't get any good pics of them.

Lovely big cumulus clouds.

Now we're approaching Laramie.

The drive into Laramie looks kind of dumpy, until you reach the little downtown area, but once you get into the neighborhoods, the town is quite charming. Mostly small family homes with beautifully painted trims and gardens everywhere--there's only 3-4 months for a growing season, so people get out there and make those months bloom. You'll see some in future posts.

vshendria, with the help of [personal profile] claudia603, and [personal profile] baranduin prepared a scrumptious picnic dinner for us in [personal profile] hanarobi's flower-filled backyard of grilled steak and chicken, wheatberry-spinach-blueberry salad, a tahini-spinach salad, tomatoes and mozzarella, and the sweetest corn on the cob. And the company was wonderful, except poor [personal profile] ancalime8301 didn't join us until late evening, and another long drive for [personal profile] hanarobi due to a flight delay, but there was plenty of food left--enough for the next days lunch, too. [personal profile] hanarobi put us all up in the greatest comfort in her house and in her neighbor's house with a joined back yard--her neighbor kindly lent us the house while she was traveling that week.

But next up, Vedauwoo!


I saw my thyroid doc today to look over the ultrasound I got earlier this week, and my thyroid nodules are staying smaller than biopsy size and not growing, so afar the last 2 years of monitoring every few months, I don't' have to go back for another check on them for a year--yay. Next week mammogram. My right foot still hurts a little from the Appalachian trail hike and missed ladder step, but it is much improved. Maybe I'll be able to take one lap around the lake on Saturday--I'm going stir crazy not walking, but the weather being humid and hot is making it easier not to be able to go.

Tomorrow, I take Saki to the vet to make sure the new med I started her on, calcitrol, isn't throwing her blood calcium levels off and do her thyroid and kidney check. Between the new med, and it not being the difficult and hectic last month, and a supply of fresh end of the season catnip from my friend D's garden she gave me this weekend, Saki is vastly improved and much more alert, chirpy, and love seeking--nice to have my buddy back. She's still walking on her front paw wrists, so the tendons are still weak--more so on her right paw,but she seems to be getting around a little a better on them, so the arthritis may be letting up some.

I went to my town LGBT group's pizza pool party Friday evening. It was small, but very nice to hang with the few folks who were there. We traded stories about elder care and hospital and nursing home hijinx for dying parents and in-laws, which passes as my choicest idea of fun conversation these days. Saturday I went to visit my friend D, had dinner and watched a few of the LotR appendices on the blue ray disks. We were both down, so were good company for each other, and after I got home and trimmed the seed heads off the catnip plants she gave me, a party broke out for all my kitties, and Saki's been spending extra time camping out on the rug in front of the door where the trimming occurred, and it's good to see her so into it.

Lately, I've read a couple Jane Austen's I hadn't read before which were lots of fun--I really liked Northanger Abbey--I like Austen best when she's not fully onboard with her protagonists, as in Emma. Just read Lecke's Ancillary Justice-grim, but still compelling reading and cool gender handling, and I've just started on Novak's Temeraire series. Prompted by a [personal profile] mews1945's post, I finally got around to watching The Runaways, and loving Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart I enjoyed it--it had some thoughtful handling of sex positivism and the pitfalls between the male gaze and riot grrling.

Work is going well--I am so lucky there right now.

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