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Laramie Moot: Vedauwoo 1 and Update

Back in July, on our first full day, Saturday in Laramie, our gracious host [personal profile] hanarobi took some of us in the afternoon to a place east of Laramie called Vedauwoo, pronounced Vay'-de-voo, or rhymes with "Made a zoo." It was a picture perfect day, so it was easy to make lots of post-able pics.

This pic is actually from the end of the visit through the car window, just to give you the long vista.

And here we are--big impressive rocks surrounded by beautiful aspen and fur trees, and other flora.

We took a path part of the way around the cliffs.

Mallorns Aspens--oh how I love them!

Anyone know what this wildflower is?

Cliffs through a veil of aspen leaves.

Climbers love this place.


There are interesting colored lichens on the rocks--lots or red and yellow patches.

Big round boulder is contentedly perched.

A patch of wildflowers among the boulders.

There's a guy perched up among the rocks, happy climber, with his happy black doggie a little ways below him right above some foliage looking straight at us.

Lots of big round boulders sitting around, minding their own business.

Update: The weather has been sucky--hot and humid. I've been on the down and anxious side. Lots of thoughts to tell Mom something, except, oh yeah, not. But I had a mammogram a week ago and it came out clear. Work is going fine, but I'm a little nervous about some reorganization that's going on that will have our office move to another part of the building this month or next, and the really bad part is that contractors will probably be kicked out of the parking garages and we'll have to use parking lots that are a several minute walk away--which will suck in bad weather and lengthen the commute time. Even with that, I'm still blessed to have this job at this place I've been at over a year now. Today, though, is a special day, which I will post about in a little bit.

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