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Saki Update

Saki's pre-op went well today. X-rays and ultrasounds showed no infiltrates in her lungs, so hopefully the thyroid tumor is an adenoma and not a carcinoma, and her heart looks strong, so we're going to go ahead with the surgery on Friday.

Without surgery, the tumor is likely to grow until it blocks her ability to eat and push on nerves, and perhaps become a carcinoma and metastasize, so it would be a crummy way to go. Anesthesia is never a sure thing especially for an old cat, so I might lose her Friday, or the tumor might come back again, or she might not recover from the surgery and go down, but my doc is good and experienced with this procedure, and he's gotten her this far beyond hope, and says her prognosis is good, that they recover quickly from this kind of surgery, so it's the best option. And if we are truly blessed, it might make her thyroid hormone levels come out normal for the first time in years and she'll get a new lease on life for a couple of years. If she makes it through the surgery, she may come home with a drain, that will come out at her post-op appointment on next Tuesday. I'm hoping I will be allowed to telework Friday through Tuesday so I can keep an eye on her while she has the drain.

I am feeling a little better to get through this first big worrisome hurdle, and I got to see all her inside doings, but Friday is going to be really scary. Please hold us in your thoughts and cross all your digits for us.

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