Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

My Saki Noodle

I'm going to be posting some Saki spam probably quite a bit for a while. I have a ton of pics I've never posted to choose from, and then there are old favorites. The first 2 pics are the very last 2 I took. They were taken the same session as the last pic I posted of her a few days back--taken about 2 weeks ago. Once we found the tumor and were planning surgery I didn't want to waste any of her time with a camera as I understood the danger, and feared our time was numbered. This first one is out of focus, but still catches a look of her I loved.

And the next 3 are oldy but goodies from 3 years back.

The cutest little widget in the world.

So peaceful.

Loving and beloved.

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Tags: cats, memorial, saki
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