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Eternal Saki

To comfort me, my talented friend of singing words jan_u_wine linked me to this verse from Omar Khayyam:

And fear not lest Existence closing your
Account, and mine, should lose, or know the like no more;
The Eternal Saki from the Bowl has pour'd
Millions of Bubbles like us, and will pour.

I did not take her name name from this verse naming Khayyim's cupbearer from The Rubiyat, and was not familiar with this verse. My Saki's name comes from the Japanese name Murasaki, the first name of the writer of The Tale of Genji. The name means "lavender" which is close to lilac, because I thought Saki was a lilac-point mix siamese, until [personal profile] delux_vivens convinced me Saki was a torti-point siamese, like her dear Nutmeg, a variety I was not aware of. I dream my friends Saki and Delux are finding comfort in each other--I hope Nutmeg doesn't mind.

jan_u_wine followed this verse with a poem it inspired from her pen/keyboard in honor of my Saki and to soothe my heart:


A slender moon
rides lemon-low

upon the dark brow
of the sky;

the fierce diamond
of Venus, breath-close,

her companionable


bid scudding farewells
to the trees that of late
embraced them,

the lake-frog's
unaccountable bass
falls to silence within
a veiling of cotton'd cat-tails.

The turtles have hidden
the treasure-boxes
of themselves

inside chocolate

It is fall.

I walk here,
remembering you,

one of a million bubbles
that have poured

(that will pour!).

the thing is:

were my bubble,

the iridescent multi-colored

of my life,
the four-footed
bringer of things

I can not name,

that only the song
of you,

beside me,
might summon.

Float away,

my friend,

I will hear your voice,

and feel your touch.

Like cradling arms,
the bubble of you

surrounds me.

Eternal Saki,


My bubble.

The iridescent multi-colored dream of my life.

The four-footed bringer of things I cannot name.

Things that only the song of you beside me might summon.

I will hear your voice still, and feel your touch.

Like cradling arms, the bubble of you surrounds me. Eternal Saki.

Thank you so much for this song, Jan. It hurts so much, and your beautiful gift brings comfort.

Do not miss Jan-u-wine's beautiful Tolkien inspired book here. It's a beautiful book.

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