Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

One month without her

My Saki was just way too vital and vibrant and alert and clever and impish and beautiful and adorable and sparkling and just too plain crazy to be gone one month already from this world. Just look at that face all excited and inviting me to play with her in her watch tower in the sunroom:

A face impossible to resist. Bringer of perpetual kittenish antics, even when the equivalent of a human in her 80's.

She could shake it off like nobody's business.

With her little smoker's meow, a voice like Stevie Nicks, or at other times, little burbles like R2D2. Oh, the conversations, we'd have.

Fiiieeeerrrrrce! Fiiiieeeeerce beast!

Put down that camera and play with me already--geez!

Am I not adorable enough already or what?

Is that a bird in the oak?

Or a squirrel?

Yes, I am side eyeing you.

She was the shiftiest-eyed cat I've ever known. Most cats move their heads in the direction they are looking, but she would look toward me, but move her eye balls about checking out her peripheral views without moving her head. It made her look very calculating. She did this less her later years, I guess as her vision got fuzzier.

I miss you so much, little girl. But I can't ask you to come back anymore when I know you're at Primroses taking good care of tiny Stormie of the musical purrs, enjoying her vigorous nuzzles while you lick her fur to soft perfection, and put your silvery-outlined velvet paws over her warm brown shoulders as you snuggle up together. Sweet dreams, my Eternal Saki, bringer of mirth and love. All my love and tears go with you.

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Tags: cats, gratitude, grief, loved ones, memorial, safe passage, saki, storm
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