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Here is one of my favorite pics--Saki rolling and mugging on her new blankie made by [personal profile] claudia603

Saki loving her gift from Claudia 12-17-09

Just in time for the Thanksgiving Day holiday: I discovered today something I forgot. I filmed Saki in June. I'm afraid it's a bit dark, so you don't get the best view of her face, but her innate fluffiness is clear to view. Only watch with sound if you can stomach the voice of a fond human making inane chatter to her beloved cat. But if you don't turn up the sound you will miss the 3 absolutely adorable meows Saki makes in the the first half minute or so--the very best part of this 5 minute long vid of Saki cavorting on top of her cat tree and licking my hand while I pet her. The first meow is right after I first call her name, so listen for it, and the third meow is just a slight burble she makes after I imitate her second yeow, so you'll have to listen closely for it. (-:

NOTE: If the vid doesn't load right when you click on the below link, and gives you a message saying you can't watch it, click on the second (bottom) vid pic on the vid folder under it.

And now, for your holiday viewing pleasure:

Saki: The Movie!

ADDENDUM: Go here to see Saki: The Movie!

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